Resident Opportunities

Chief Residents

Each year, two exceptional third year residents are selected to be Chief Residents for the following academic year. They are responsible for organizing the educational program and they participate actively in the teaching process.

  • Morgan Quezada-Lopez
  • Sarah Rogal, MD

Resident as Teacher

Resident as Teacher

Jacobi's pediatric rotations are popular options for third and fourth year medical students from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and our residents serve as important teachers for the many students who spend time with us. Through our Resident as Teacher program, we provide the skills and support necessary for residents to thrive as educators of the next generation of physicians.

Our developmental program begins at intern orientation, in recognition that our PGY-1 residents serve as valuable teachers and important role models for our students. The Resident as Teacher program continues throughout the year with noon conferences that teach practical skills. Conferences cover a wide range of topics, including strategies for teaching on a busy inpatient service, how to give feedback, how to assess medical students, characteristics of the excellent resident teacher, Adult Learning Theory, and more. Our PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents continue to attend these Resident as Teacher conferences; they additionally gain experience in small group facilitation during assigned teaching sessions with Clerkship students, and receive structured feedback on their teaching. PGY-3 residents who have an interest in gaining further expertise in educational strategies and methodologies can spend a month on a Resident as Teacher senior elective, during which they build further expertise to support them in their roles as fellows and attendings following graduation. Finally, spring retreats for the residency classes focus on the topics of humanism, wellness, and leadership, and serve to further support our residents as educators. Most importantly, each intern and resident has individualized support in their teaching role from the Director of the Resident as Teacher Program and from the Residency Program Director.

We are proud that every year medical students nominate so many of our interns and residents for departmental awards, and describe our house staff as outstanding teachers and role models who inspire them on their own paths.

Quality Improvement Resident Curriculum (QuIRC)

All residents join and complete a QI project over their 3 years; projects are in the OPD, NICU, PICU, or ED based on a residents’ interests. Residents will:

  • Learn the basics of Quality Improvement and obtain CITI certification
  • Identify and Address Gaps in quality of care and safety
  • Apply QI principles to an initiative at Jacobi
  • Define how to be part of PI activities within hospital structure
  • Submit a scholarly product

Healthcare Administration Scholars Program (HASP)

HASP is a program run by Jacobi Medical Center to train the next generation of clinical quality experts and physician leaders.

It is a longitudinal educational program for PGY 2 and 3 residents that provides:

  • Formal training in healthcare administration through didactics; curriculum topics include Hospital Administration; Quality Management/Patient Safety; Information Technology; Professional and Leadership Development; Healthcare Economics; and more
  • Exposure to hospital leadership and mentorship
  • Time to complete a substantial quality improvement/patient safety project

Dedicated time will be carved out of resident schedules to accommodate the learning activities.

HASP graphic

Simulation Center

Simulation Center

Jacobi Medical Center is one of the NYCHHC institutions that houses a state of the art simulation center. Jacobi pediatrics residents have the unique opportunity to practice acute care scenarios with formal simulation (SIM) experiences led by our pediatric emergency medicine attendings. In addition, residents may engage in additional simulation training through electives or optional SIM courses. Some of the SIM courses available include:

  • Pediatric Airway Skills
  • Pediatric Cardiac Code Team Course
  • Introduction to Debriefing
  • Central Line Placement Skills

Jacobi Pediatrics also frequently participates in the NYC Simulation Olympics. A select group of residents will engage in a friendly competition with other NYC residency programs to display their medical knowledge, teamwork and procedural skill sets.