Program Benefits

  • Annual Salary 2020-2023
  • PL1 $69,747

    PL2 $72,488

    PL3 $77,969

Group of Residents
  • Professional Allowance (textbooks, equipment, exams, PDAs): $750/year
  • Conference Benefit: $1,500 for all 3 years QI Patient Safety Education Conferences: $3000 annual reimbursement
  • Dental Insurance
  • Disability Insurance including short and long term
  • Health Insurance including:

    Childbirth Education
    Hearing Aids

    Newborn Expenses
    Prescription Drugs
    Psychiatric – outpatient

    Smoking Cessation
    Substance Abuse Counseling
    Well Baby Care

  • Life Insurance
  • Optical: participant and eligible dependents: $100/year
  • Free Rosetta Stone
  • New York Sports Club Discounts
  • Free Legal Service for All House Staff

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