Programs and Initiatives

Family Advocacy Clinic

Run by Dr. Olga Jimenez, FAC focuses on working with victims of sexual and physical abuse and their families. For more information on FAC please visit the program website.

Pediatric Care Services (PCS) Clinic

Run by our Infectious Diseases experts, PCS clinic provides comprehensive care for our HIV-infected patients and their families.

Illyria Clinic

Specialized clinic run by a team of physicians, nurses and PCAs specifically for the needs of the Albanian population that Jacobi serves.

Family Weight Management Clinic

A multi-disciplinary clinic that treats obese children and their associated co-morbidities. The FWMP is run by our Ambulatory Care clinic attendings, Dr. Adriana Groisman-Perelstein and Dr. Pamela Diamantis, who work with a registered dietician, social worker and an exercise trainer to treat the whole family. Additionally, weekly to bi-weekly nutrition-exercise programs are available to patients 5-21 years old who are enrolled in the program, once medically cleared. All trainees rotate through the clinic to develop the tools necessary to adequately manage pediatric obesity.


Healthcare Administration Scholars Program
NYC Health + Hospitals

HASP is a program run by Jacobi Medical Center to train the next generation of clinical quality experts and physician leaders.

It is a longitudinal educational program for PGY 2 and 3 residents that provides:

  • Formal training in healthcare administration through didactics; curriculum topics include Hospital Administration; Quality Management/Patient Safety; Information Technology; Professional and Leadership Development; Healthcare Economics; and more
  • Exposure to hospital leadership and mentorship
  • Time to complete a substantial quality improvement/patient safety project

Dedicated time will be carved out of resident schedules to accommodate the learning activities.

Jacobi Asthma and Allergy Center for Children

A comprehensive team approach to the care and management of children with asthma, allergies and immunological conditions. By utilizing current diagnostic testing, national asthma guidelines and evidence- based medicine, JAAAC provides services for pediatric patients that promote maximal health and well- being.

Stand up to Violence

A community hospital based violence prevention initiative that works to improve outcomes in patients admitted for gang-related trauma and prevent violence through use of community outreach workers. The program is funded by the SNUG Anti-Violence Initiative funded by NY State Department of Criminal Justice. In the 5 years of its existence, The SUV program has contributed to improved follow up care, and a significant decrease in rates of injury due shootings and violent trauma in the community.

Quality Improvement Resident Curriculum (QuIRC)

All residents join and complete a QI project over their 3 years; projects are in the OPD, NICU, PICU, or ED based on a residents’ interests. Residents will:

  • Learn the basics of Quality Improvement and obtain CITI certification
  • Identify and Address Gaps in quality of care and safety
  • Apply QI principles to an initiative at Jacobi
  • Define how to be part of PI activities within hospital structure
  • Submit a scholarly product