Resident As Teacher

Jacobi's pediatric rotations are popular options for third and fourth year medical students from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, and our residents serve as important teachers for the many students who spend time with us. Through our Resident as Teacher program, we provide the skills and support necessary for residents to thrive as educators of the next generation of physicians.

Our innovative program begins at intern orientation, in recognition that our PGY-1 residents also serve as valuable teachers and important role models to our students. The Resident as Teacher program continues every other month with a noon conference that teaches practical skills; conferences cover a wide range of topics, including strategies for teaching on a busy inpatient service, how to give feedback, how to assess medical students, characteristics of the excellent resident teacher, Adult Learning Theory, and more.

Our second and third year residents continue to attend these Resident as Teacher conferences as well as gain experience in small group facilitation during their assigned teaching sessions with Clerkship students. In addition, our PGY-1 and PGY-2 spring retreats focus on the topics of humanism, wellness, and leadership, and serve to further support our residents as educators. Most importantly, each intern and resident has individualized support in his or her teaching role from the Director of Medical Student Education and the Program Director.

We are proud that every year medical students nominate so many of our interns and residents for departmental awards, and describe our housestaff as outstanding teachers and role models who inspire them on their own paths.


Few Quotes From Our Medical Students

“My experience at Jacobi was truly amazing, and having the opportunity to work with an absolutely incredible team of residents played a large part in making this experience as wonderful as it was.”

“Jacobi Pediatrics definitely has the most helpful and knowledgeable residents I have worked with thus far.”

“All the residents were amazing. Jacobi Peds has remained the highlight of my whole third year.”

“I loved all the residents at Jacobi. They were all very exceptional residents in their own ways. I could tell each resident was aware of their role to teach and I appreciated all the ways they would incorporate it into my experience.”