About Dr. Lewis M. Fraad

Lewis M. FraadDr. Lewis M. Fraad, one of the original faculty members of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, was a member of the Department of Pediatrics at JMC for 35 years. Dr. Fraad was a Professor of Pediatrics at Einstein, served as acting Chairman of the Department in the early 1970’s, and was an Assistant Dean at the medical school. An exceptional pediatrician, Dr. Fraad collaborated on Dr. Spock’s landmark book “Baby and Child Care,” and was the pediatrician for many Einstein faculty children. Dr. Fraad was a founding member and seventh president of the Ambulatory Pediatric Association, the largest professional association of academic generalist pediatricians in the United States. The recipient of numerous honors and awards, Dr. Fraad was a beloved teacher, mentor, and role model for generations of JMC pediatricians.