Meet the Jacobi Family

“I wanted to come to Jacobi because it seemed like a program with a tight-knit resident group and great faculty support. I have found that all to be true, but most importantly, the diverse patient population and opportunities for learning have surpassed my expectations. I am proud to be a member of Jacobi’s pediatric residency program”
— Helena Franco, Housestaff

“The Jacobi pediatrics department is amazing. From doctors to nurses to fellow residents, we are like one big family. From the moment I became part of the "Jacobi family" I knew was where I belonged. My co-residents are some of my closest friends. While working here you experience all aspects of pediatrics - from the "bread and butter" to the rare and interesting. You have all the support and encouragement you need to make your pediatric residency experience all that it can be and more!”
— Blair Hahn, Housestaff

"Jacobi is a gem of a residency program combining a welcoming and fun environment with excellent teaching and a diverse patient population. We are always learning and even in my short time here, I feel like my training here has been extremely rewarding seeing the change we can bring to this community. We are also surrounded by inspiring attendings who love to teach and work closely with us residents."
— Jisha Thomas, Housestaff

“One of my favorite things about Jacobi is the focus on teaching. All of the attendings are unbelievably approachable and genuinely interested in sharing their knowledge and strenghthening our understanding of every pathology.”
— Marnina Koschitzky, Housestaff

“Jacobi was my first choice because from the moment I walked in, I feel like I was part of a long-lasting family. You are surrounded not only by faculty who are enthusiastic to teach at all times, but also surrounded by people who enjoy coming to work every day”
— Sindu Lakkunarajah, Housestaff

“I love Jacobi Peds!!! Everything about it is awesome! From the Chairman of Pediatrics to the Parking Attendants at Jacobi, I have nothing but great things to say! The program is very nurturing, willing to help, provides a great balance of work and life, and a place where I have made many great friends! I am very blessed to be a part of this program!”
— Melanie Fijas, Housestaff